about Village Farm Fiber Arts

     Although I have knitted and worked with fiber in various ways, since I was a young girl, I didn't start spinning until my 40's and I fell in love with it!!! Dyeing all those wonderful colors, blending and carding them on my drum carder and then spinning them became my passion. How fun to knit an item with yarn that I create! 

     We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area, on Cape Cod, Ma. The gorgeous colors that nature provides is definitely inspirational! The sand dunes, the ocean and the beautiful landscape constantly influences my dye pots!  Just look at the beauty of the beach roses, above! 

     A handful of fiber pets live in our backyard and entertain us as well as provide us with beautiful fleeces! My husband shares my love of animals and supports my fiber passion wholeheartedly!

Frank and Stella - Best Friends

They keep an eye on everyone!

Sweet Henry after one of his clips. He loves getting all that hot angora wool off ! Then we get to have snuggle time! Love him!

Village Farm Fiber Arts

Silly boys loving the snowstorm!